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The Center will be closed for Independence Day Friday July 3.

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The Handicap Lift is out of service for an indefinite period of time. An effort will be made to accommodate those who need assistance.

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109 Skillings Road Winchester, MA 01890 Phone: (781) 721-7136 Hours: 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.

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Jenks Closing Policy

When the Winchester Schools are closed due to weather or town-wide emergencies, the Jenks Center is also closed. Check your TV stations for weather-related school closings.

Please note that the Jenks Center remains open during the regularly scheduled school vacations.

Winchester Jenks Center

ReJenks Campaign Update

from the ReJenks Campaign!

The Cummings Foundation will match the next $400,000 raised dollar for dollar. The ReJenks Campaign is profoundly grateful to the Cummings Foundation for its incredible generosity and commitment to the effort to rebuild the Jenks Center. The Foundation's incredible generosity will make every donation DOUBLY powerful and help us reach our $2.5 million goal more quickly!

To donate, click on: ReJenks Capital Campaign.

“Give the Jenks A Lift” Fundraiser Moves to BookEnds

Trees have budded, flowers have bloomed. After such a long winter, it is a wonderful sight. But nature is not the only place where growth is occurring. The ReJenks Campaign has raised more than $730,000 in donations and pledges. Equally exciting is that the construction crew continues to make great and steady progress, including on the work necessary to install the elevator .

The ReJenks Campaign is off to a fantastic start, and Committee members are busy working to raise awareness about the Jenks and the campaign. You can help too by letting family and friends know why the Jenks and the ReJenks Campaign are important to you and that they can learn more about the campaign at We want to spread the word far and wide. We also want folks to know about specific efforts, such as the “Give The Jenks A Lift" fundraiser through which patrons at local businesses can donate to the ReJenks Campaign. The fundraiser began at Fells Hardware and has now moved to Book Ends. Thank you to Kevin Ryan of Fells Hardware and Judy Manzo of BookEnds for their support.

IT Specialist: This person should be skilled at computer operation and support, network operation, and basic computer security. You will work with our present IT person (to solve problems with the system or computers) and with staff (to asssist with backups, minor malware removal, and outages, when required). Database Specialist: This person should have Microsoft® Access knowledge. You will assist in using the Center’s Access database, including writing database queries using Visual Basic (which are used to extract informsation that can be used for publicizing special events or campaigns from the large database).
Audio-Visual Specialist: We need several volunteers to be part of small team that helps with audio-visual operation during the Jenks Center’s presentations and events. Following existing procedures, you will set up the projection system, microphones and the sound system for the presentation/event, and assist speakers by tending to the details of microphone gains etc. during the presentation. You should be familiar with using a laptop for PowerPoint presentations and setting up the audio system. Event coverage is shared among members of the team and Jenks staff so that the commitment won’t be too onerous.
If you can help or need more information, please contact Judy Katz at the Jenks Center; her email address is